At Elite, we believe that every client is unique and therefore our services are tailored to meet the needs of your business, staff and clientele. Our consultative and flexible approach will ensure that conveyancing becomes an integral part of your business and a natural extension of your estate agency offering and brand. This includes, but is not limited to:

GUARANTEED TIMESCALES – Due to expertise of our panel solicitors, our strict capacity management and bespoke protocols we are able to guarantee the timescale through to being ready to exchange contracts thus providing you with distinct advantage over your competition as well as far greater control over your sales pipeline.

REVENUE – Our fixed fee pricing models provide greater clarity to buyers and sellers alike. Our fees can include a commission for the referring agent, which could provide a significant new revenue stream. These commissions are achievable by working more closely with our solicitors to share best practice and realize efficiencies to ensure that speed and customer service is never compromised.

MARKETING – Our web-based quotation engine, case-tracking system and supporting literature are able to be branded as your own.

PROCESS – We will take time to understand your own systems and processes and will then recommend where and how best introduce your conveyancing service for maximum impact.

TRAINING – We will provide ongoing training and support to up-skill your staff on the sale of conveyancing services and we will work with your sales progression teams to provide legal training, if needed, in order to help further develop your staff and business.

SELECTION OF SOLICITORS – We will work to understand the needs and personality of your business, staff and clientele so that we can match these with the personalities of our solicitors to achieve closer and more enjoyable working relationships.